Friday, July 1, 2011

Philippine Airforce should buy the T-50 Golden Eagle

The Philippine airforce has recently reported they are in the market for up to 6 new jet fighters with a budget of $23 million to $40 million per unit.

I don't know why there is such a wide range for the price per unit ($40m is almost double the low end target) by the way.

But in any case, the Philippines should look no further and purchase the Korean designed and built T-50 Golden Eagle.

T-50 Golden Eagle

The PAF currently has one jet fighter/trainer: the S-211. We are currently the ONLY airforce to employ the S-211, perhaps because no other airforce deemed it even worth considering. Ever since our Freedom Fighters were retired, we've had to use these trainers as our air supperiority fighters. The turbo fan airplane is a trainer at best, but can be fitted with armaments for smaller airforces (ahem ahem, that's us). The S-211 is old and by all accounts, not the most reliable plane in the world. So we might as well look for a replacement. Enter the T-50 Golden Eagle.

The T-50 Golden Eagle is a korean designed and built super sonic jet trainer/fighter. It is currently, as of this posting, one of the few supersonic jet trainers in the world. Just like most jet trainers, they can double as jet fighter by arming them for light fighter duties.

The Koreans have also developed a fighter version of the T-50, dubbed the F-50 with more advanced avionics and radar.

Given that we need to develop well-trained jet fighter pilots in the Philippines, it makes sense to purchase the T-50's to introduce Filipino pilots to supersonic flight. Our current trainer and fastest plane is the S-211, so our pilots, as good as they are, have never flown a supersonic jet due to lack of hardware. The T-50 jumps right in to fill in the need for advanced jet trainer and it can double as our air superiority fighter. Given its no Raptor, the Golden Eagle, trainer version even, will be much better in patroling and safeguarding our airspace compared to the S-211's that currently crash on a regular basis.

Add to that the fact that when our pilots become honed in flying at supersonic speeds, we can always look to purchase the fighter version of the T-50s for easy upgrading.

At $21 million per piece, its even cheaper than what the PAF has initially set aside per jet fighter.

I say scrap the purchase of expensive american fighters and stick to the asian alternative. Its cheaper and it would fit our needs better.

I really hope they choose the T-50 Golden Eagle.


yourprince02 said...

I agree with that. The T-50 even looks like the venerable F-16.

mapster said...

Yup! I think the T-50 was either based on the Falcon or shares design elements as mentioned here:
Quite a bargain if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

There is no american trainer currentIy either under deveIopment or production. The T-50 incorporates the F16 FaIcon into its deveIopment. Its preciseIy why Iockheed martin (buiIder of the F16) is the key subcontractor to Kai (korean aerospace). The USAF wiII be considering the T-50 for repIacement of its aging T-38 TaIon jet trainer. In addition Northrup Grumman makes the A-50 gun system for the aircraft. Much of its technoIogy (but not aII) is american Iiscense. KAI hopes by partnering with Iockheed martin it wiII give them the edge they need too acquire the Iucrative USAF jet trainer procurement sure too come in the not very distant future. Yes, the T50 makes sens for phiIippines for many reasons. It being somewhat cheaper onIy one of. Your piIots have much training too do and just Iike singapore basing your piIots in country (singapore has a Iarge amount of them based in USA) to get extensive training and combat skiIIs is a huge factor.

Anonymous said...

there is the obvious fact that as the manufacturing Iine fiIIs the unit cost shouId decrease. That is too everyones benefit. korea, USA, PhiI, Indonesia and poIand (if these orders aII happen. Who knows who eIse may join as time goes on...

manilaboy said...

Contract for the acquisition 6 T-50's LIFT aircrafts have already been signed after the recent ADEX 2011 in Seoul...

jeselito m. cenabre said...

hope so..but my opinion is for what is more option for the philippines is f-16s with a price of $12m price and below each for purely defensive capability.
i would be happy if the proposed purchased of t-50 trainer will go through but just for 6 trainers to train our pilots and same time cover up our air space is not worth of spending even these are brand new planes. the task we assigned to accomplished for the 6 t-50s for training and to cover our air space is not worth spending. because for sure the 6 t-50s is all we can afford for this administration and or maybe the next administration. it is predictable after 4 to 5 years of service some of these brand new t-50s will be cannibalized for spare parts. so far i dont hear so much complaints of the second f-16s what i hear more is upgrading of these to block 40s. 50s and 60s comparable to the avionics of the latest fighter jets. accordingly the avionics of the latest upgrade version of the f-16 is enough to extend its services to year 2025. and the f-50 fighter version of the t-50, never mind it will cost us more than $30m per jet by the time we will decide to purchase it. how about in the next fiscal year budget not to give so much of purchases of army and navy and concentrate more to purchase at least 18 f-16s for $12m at the most. well, if we can make one purchase of 12 t0 18 t-50s, i will shut my mouth for the f-16s but for 6 t-50s its a waste of taxpayer money.

mapster said...

Mapster is happy that the AFP has chosen the T-50 Golden Eagle to be its lead-in trainer!